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Acta Ventures Intern Speaker Series: Andrew Yancey and Casey Totten

“Find the career that’s right for you instead of the ones that everyone talks about.”

On February 26th, Acta hosted Andrew Yancey and Casey Totten, both of whom work in the Commercial Banking Group at PNC. Casey graduated from University of Notre Dame with a BA in Economics then began working at PNC, where he eventually moved into a Relationship Manager role. Andrew graduated from the MBA program at CMU in 2017. He is currently responsible for a multitude of strategy and planning activities under the Commercial Banking division. Andrew and Casey concentrated the discussion on their current job functions and their outlook on the future of banking.

As a Relationship Manager, Casey serves as the “quarterback” of a banking team. He has helped numerous companies by constructing tailored solutions for their specific needs by engaging with relevant PNC co-parties. As for Andrew, he focuses his work on everything from major business expansion plans and digital products to optimizing marketing efforts. Despite the differences in their job functions, Andrew and Casey shared similar beliefs on the future of commercial banking. They both agreed that there will be less reliance on retail banking and improving online presence while more emphasis will be placed on digital instruction to clientele. At the same time, commercial banks will “loosen their structure” to become more reactive to the increasing competition from other financial services during the next ten plus years. Interestingly, neither Andrew nor Casey believes there has been much disruption to traditional corporate banking from Fintech, as many current financial technology businesses have focused on either the retail or business banking customers.

At the end of the conversation, Casey and Andrew encouraged Acta Ventures interns to “do as much work to figure out what you like” early on in each intern's career. Acta would like to thank Andrew and Casey for joining the discussion and providing our interns a unique point of view from a key member of the small business ecosystem!

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