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Spring 2019 Intern Class

Acta Ventures is excited to announce our Spring 2019 Private Equity Intern program, a cohort consisting of eight individuals. Vetted from over 50+ candidates, all eight of these individuals are currently enrolled in bachelor’s programs at Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh. Based in the Swartz Center at CMU, interns will support Acta’s sourcing, due-diligence, financial modeling, and social media efforts. Please find their details under the Team section on our website.

During this program, interns will have the opportunity to study the framework of private equity small business ecosystem and how to connect with small business in 21st century. Beyond the theoretical knowledge they will gain, they will also learn how to conduct research on a given market and evaluate a small business' value with incomplete information. Guest speakers from the small business M&A ecosystem will share their experience with the interns and provide insights into their future careers. After 12 weeks, interns will understand the complete cycle of small businesses deals, develop their professional skillsets, and build their network of professionals in the finance industry.

Acta Ventures looks forward to creating a unique experience for the interns and helping them realize their professional goals!


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